Arbor Apollonis

Welcome! My name is Deana (though I'm also known as Daphne and Sea), here is the place I want to put my poetry. It'll be slow going, the muses are fickle after all, and my poetry is mostly very close to my heart, which means I won't post everything I write. Please bear with me (in writing as well as website building), and enjoy your stay!

Show me the poetry please!

Who am I?

I am a second year Literature and Linguistics student, studying in a different country. I have enjoyed reading for as long as I can remember, but my interest in poetry is a newer one. I first started really writing poetry while in a dark place mentally during my teen years, as a means of refuge. The poems I wrote were neither technically sound nor thematically coherent in any way, shape or form, but they helped me at the time. Since then writing poetry has become a side-hobby that I return to every now and then. Now that I have a better grasp on actual writing and the rules can play with, I wanted to try putting my poetry in one place. As I already said, far from everything I write will be posted on here, but I plan to get a substantial catalogue of my writings on here eventually.