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About me

I am a second-year Language and Linguistics student, studying English and Latin. My interest mostly lies with English literature, and I intend to specialize in medieval English literature. Still, Latin is very near to my heart, as can be seen in the name of this website. Arbor Apollonis means "the tree of Apollo", which is a reference to my name, Daphne. Daphne is a mythological nymph, who was turned into a laurel tree to escape from the god Apollo. With my name coming from this myth, and my love for Latin, I decided that this would be the perfect name for my personal website. As I already said before, I want to use this website for various things that I don't really have a solid place for. In addition to the things I already listed, I may in time also decide to write some things on music, literature or post something about my various ongoing conlang experiments, but I am very busy with university as is and don't want to overload myself.


I have enjoyed reading for as long as I can remember, but my interest in poetry is a newer one. I first started really writing poetry while in a dark place mentally during my teen years, as a means of refuge. The poems I wrote were neither technically sound nor thematically coherent in any way, shape or form, but they helped me at the time. Since then writing poetry has become a side-hobby that I return to every now and then. I am currently a second-year student of Language and Linguistics, which means that I have developed a better grasp on actual writing and the rules can play with. Because of this, I wanted to try putting my poetry in one place. Poetry remains a very personal experience for me, so far from everything I write will be posted on here. Still, I plan to get a substantial catalogue of my writings on here eventually. I hope you enjoy reading through my work!


My poetry mostly focuses on finding hope and love in a world that seems like/is a death trap. I have a preference for free verse, but I sometimes like to experiment with styles and literary devices, an example of which is Fools Light.